Ray Krow

Developing responsive sometimes means not doing it at all. It cost somebody time and money. Try again on a larger screen size.

- Ray

Ray Krow

Please do not use Internet Explorer or Edge...please. Your doing yourself, the global economy, and the human race a gross injustice.

- Ray



Software Engineer

Passionate software engineer with 5+ years experience engineering large scalable back-end systems, building dynamic and complex front-end applications, as well as stable and performant iOS apps. Software isn't just a job; its my craft and I love it. Also known to be an enthusiastic team player and hardworking team member.


Software Engineer

May. 2017 - Current @ Verys
  • Python
  • Angular 2+
  • AWS
  • .Net
  • Docker

At Verys, I've built a secure, responsive, and highly interactive dashboard that manages complex scheduling and purchasing with reoccurring features. Implemented and integrated with highly performant API.

Web Developer

Oct. 2016 - May. 2017 @ Convergence
  • Classic ASP
  • SQL
  • Dapper
  • TFS

At Convergence, I maintained a 12-year-old classic asp project and later lead the effort to rewrite the system into a modern .Net architecture. Built a custom ORM to help minimize code complexity and bugs during the move between systems.


Dec. 2015 - Oct. 2016 @ Aumnia
  • .Net Core
  • Azure
  • SASS
  • Javascript

At Aumnia, I used my eye for excellent design along with my front-end development skills to lead the company into an era of producing significantly higher quality mobile apps and websites.

Front End Developer

Feb. 2014 - Nov. 2015 @ Maple Stack
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • Javascript

At Maple Stack, I designed and created custom company libraries and reusable templates for every aspect of the development process from start to finish. The result was improving Maple Stack's ability to deliver custom projects to its small business clients in nearly half the time.



IoT Machine Learning Anti Theft Device
  • Rasberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • GPS
  • GSM

Loki was a GPS and GSM based security device that detected theft, alerted the owner, and quietly transmitted its location to the authorities. I started with a Rasberry Pi but moved to an Arduino for the hardware due to battery optimization. Loki was a fascinating and challenging project. The software was elementary: listen for signs of movement from the accelerometer and broadcast location. However, along the road, I had to learn c++ for the Arduino, 3d modeling for the case, and electrical engineering for the hardware.


The Stackoverflow of Christianity
  • Flask
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Angular 2
  • Postgres

The Engage project was an innovatively simple way to lead people of faith into healthy engaging discussions about their beliefs. I designed and built Engage with a .Net back end and an Angular 2 front end. This was another exciting and challenging project. When I started Engage, I didn't know Angular 2 but learning it was a goal of mine. Engage was also the first application I developed and then placed into Heroku. Procfiles, Postgres, Modules, and Typescript were all new to me, but I loved the project all the more.


Social media facial recognition
  • DynamoDB
  • Scraping
  • Python
  • dlib

Jex is a facial recognition platform that is working to catalog social media accounts and allow them to be searched with images of users' faces. Jex was engineered to live in the AWS infrastructure as many lambdas and ec2 instances. The task of searching many faces is not an easy one. I had to come up with some creative methods for aggregating the facial data in a manner that brought the search complexity down significantly enough to make the platform at all usable.


Autmoated contest application
  • AWS Lambda
  • Python
  • Cloud Watch

Contest is a lambda based service that automates the process of submitting data to radio, tv, and internet-based sweepstakes and contests. The service consists of two AWS lambdas (one master, and one slave). They run continuously via a Cloud Watch schedule. Although the project is in a moral grey area it was a thrill to design and bring to life and I promise I have only used it for good.


Price comparison site
  • Python
  • Swift
  • Scraping
  • Node

Oakudo is a large microservice platform with the potential for high horizontal scalability. It consists of two user facing sites in a public AWS subnet that both utilize an array of microservices in a neightbooring private subnet. All communication into the private subnet occurs through a Swift/Nginx gateway/bastion service. Oakudo has been years in the making for me. It's been extremely challenging. Some tasks, like the Swift gateway, took months of learning new technology to implement.

The Watcher

Facial Recognition Screen Saver
  • Swift
  • dlib
  • Mac OS

The Watcher is a facial recognition MacOS screen saver that watches the faces is sees and notifies you if somebody gets a little to close. This project is surprisingly simple. It uses Core Data to record the faces. At any time you can mark a face as friendly or hostile. Then, you'll get notified if a hostile gets to close. In reality, The Watcher provides no legitimate security protection. Never the less, it was a blast to build and fun to use.




Libraries & Frameworks